Cycling for the Ages - Velo-city theme in talks on young and old cycling

The theme of Velo-city Dublin 2019 is “Cycling for the Ages”. The following list of presentations looks at providing for cycling for the young, and for more elderly people, and many in between. Presentations, posters or links are included where available.

Esther Anaya Boig
“Like learning how to fly”: impact evaluation framework of adult cycle training integrating health and well-being, mobility and social innovation

Juliane Anke
That path is too unsafe! Analysing the challenges for elderly cyclists using mobility diaries and survey data.

Klaus Bondam
Cycling playgrounds - a paradise for cycling children

Caitrí­ona Buggle
Why Don’t Teenage Girls Cycle?

Jeroen Buis and Ilse Buis
Walking, cycling and driving to school on the ecological path: A child-directed inclusive sustainable mobility project transforming access to school

Isabella Burczak
Kids on bikes - the future of cycling

Caroline Butler
The Ongar Cycle Network Revisited – 5 years on we go back to school

Clara Clark
Cycling Without Age - The Right to Wind in Your Hair: Cycling for All Ages

Barbara Connolly
Best practices in children’s cycling promotion from Cycling Ireland

Alan Curran
Galway Cycle Bus Project

Sharon Daly
Third Level Students Use Multimedia to Promote Cycling

Kate De Jager
Reframing bike safety & vitality for elderly - the creation of Doortrappen, CycleOn

Hannah Eberhardt
Cycling with a Baby: What Do Parents Need After the Birth of Their Child to Continue Cycling?

Angela Francke
That path is too unsafe Analysing the challenges for elderly cyclists

Anna Haberl
The Kindergarten Mobility Box - Promoting cycling as part of healthy mobility at a young age

Jane Hackett
Green-Schools Travel - the 7 Steps to Creating a Cycling Culture in Schools
Cycleability Audits - a fun, easy and child centered approach to fixing our cycling infrastructure.

Will Haynes
The UK National Cycle Network: creating cycling infrastructure for all ages

Kathrin Ivancsits
Campaigning for Youngsters. Modern Performers, Hashtags and Cycling.

Daniel Lanfranco Sagaris
Beyond Safe: Cool Routes To School In Chile

Alejandra Leal
Street design for safer school environments, a strategy for Mexican Cities

Marlene Mellauner
Learning with and from ‘intergenerational bike-alongs - for children and their parents

Martin Merryweather
Best practices in children’s cycling from British Cycling

Sanna Ojajärvi
How to get (even) more children on bikes? Quality infrastructure, cycling culture, cycling & traffic skills

Antonio Peña de Marcos
Emerging Lessons From An Erasmus+ Project On Cycling With A Focus On Social Inclusion, Intergenerational Relationships, And Community Building.

Kim Price
Building the Next Generation of Healthy Cyclists - It Starts in the School and Spreads to the Community!

Paul Robison
Best practices in children’s cycling promotion from Bikeability

Emily Ryder
Playing Together on Pedals: Using preschool cycle training to break down barriers and improve social inclusion.

Carl-Frederic Salicath
Kindergarten Velo Play

Juliane Stark
Active - happy - smart? Active Mobility and the effects on children’s wellbeing and performances

Mio Suzuki
An analysis of influence of childhood experience on bicycle use

Clara Vadillo Quesada
Vision Zero for Youth in Mexico: Participatory and analytical tools to promote active and safe mobility among children

Ernest Van Den Bemd
Cycling for senior citizens and others that need a hand.

Angela van der Kloof
Building children’s independent and active lifestyles

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