Core Bus Corridor 12: Rathfarnham

The Rathfarnham BusConnects Core Bus Corridor (CBC) delivers some key sections of cycle track between Rathfarnham, Terenure and Rathmines. However, in some areas it completely leaves cyclists behind. There are two options for Rathmines, one with cycle tracks on Rathmines Road the other with more traffic lanes and the existing cycle lanes removed. We need your help to build a cycle route suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

The proposals would:

  • Deliver 2.2km of segregated cycle tracks from Rathgar to the Grand Canal (under option A)
  • Develop some new segregated cycle tracks along Rathfarnham Road
  • Provide 2m wide protected cycle lanes on Aungier Street and George’s Street

The Dublin Cycling Campaign has identified issues along the route.

Between Rathfarnham village and the River Dodder the existing cycle lanes would be removed to provide bus lanes. The NTA propose to divert cyclists down a small lane to Brookvale Road. This is completely unacceptable.

There are gaps in the cycle lanes near Terenure and Rathgar. These are disappointing as this will force buses and cyclists to share a lane.

At Rathmines the NTA have proposed two options.

Option A provides segregated cycle tracks on Rathmines Road Lower from Rathgar Road to the Canal. In order to fit in the bus lanes and the cycle tracks Rathmines Road Lower will be made one-way outbound for general traffic.

Option B widens the road in Rathmines from three to four lanes so that there is space for a bus lane and general traffic lane in each direction. The existing cycle lanes on Rathmines Road will be removed. Cyclists will be diverted away from Rathmines Village through a series of indirect side roads, through the grounds of two schools and along the edge of Cathal Brugha Barracks to the Grand Canal. The diversion is almost twice as long as Rathmines Road and diverts cyclists away from key destinations in Rathmines Village. Option B is completely unacceptable.

We need everyone to support Option A.

However, Option B inside the Grand Canal proposes one huge improvement for cyclists. It plans to close Heytesbury Street to through-traffic, which will make it much safer for cyclists. Heytesbury Street runs parallel to Clanbrassil Street and Richmond Street/Camden Street and is a great route for cyclists.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign has identified many other issues, which are included in our draft submission linked at the end.

We need you to make a submission to the NTA. People need to show their support if they want to see these cycling improvements built, otherwise nothing will improve for cyclists. A submission is a short piece on how the NTA should change their proposals.

Some advice for writing a useful submission:

  • Be generally supportive
  • Keep it short and personal
  • Tell the NTA why this Core Bus Corridor affects you. Do you live nearby or cycle this route often? Mention that.
  • Include some of the Dublin Cycling Campaign’s key issues

Our key issues:

  • Support Option A, which provides kerb-protected cycle tracks on Rathmines Road
  • Reject the diversion of cyclists down a narrow lane and Brookvale Road. We need cycle lanes on Rathfarnham Road
  • Support closing Heytesbury to through-traffic so it is safer for cyclists (and a nicer street generally)
  • Support safe cycle tracks on Aungier Street and George’s Street


We need many voices demanding better cycling facilities or BusConnects will never deliver any improvements. You can do two more things:

The NTA are holding two public information events on this route:

  • Hilton Hotel, Charlemont Place, Dublin 2 - 11th March 3pm - 8pm
  • Dublin City Council, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 - 12th March 3pm - 8pm

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