Bus Connects CBC 12 Templeogue/Rathfarnham to City Centre - consultation

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has applied to An Bord Pleanala for approval of the CBC 12 Templeogue/Rathfarnham to City Centre scheme.

Dublin Cycling Campaign will be making a submission on the scheme and we would urge members of the campaign to make individual submissions. The deadline is Tuesday 15 August and there is a fee of €50. The case reference number is 316272.

Details of the plans are available here: CBC 12 Templeogue/Rathfarnham to City Centre, including maps and cross sections.

Dublin Cycling Campaign is in favour of the Bus Connects programme, which aims to provide improved walking, cycling and bus infrastructure on key routes.

Dublin Cycling Campaign is supportive of the proposed CBC 12 scheme.

The proposed scheme will provide much improved bus services, safe segregated cycling facilities and will create a cleaner, quieter environment for everyone living in the area.

The scheme will provide an overall increase in cycling facilities from 11 km to 23.3 km of which 85.4% will be segregated.

And it will include segregated cycle tracks for most of the routes:

  • from Rathfarnham, through Terenure to Harolds Cross (joining in with the Kimmage to City Centre CBC 11 scheme)
  • from Rathgar through Rathmines to the City Centre
  • from Tallaght M50 junction through Templeogue to Terenure

We welcome a number of modifications to the scheme based on previous rounds of consultations:

  • The introduction of a Bus Gate in Rathmines and segregated cycle tracks through Rathmines Village
  • Removal of Owendoher and Brookvale elements of the previous routes proposed in CBC 12 Round 3 and instead introducing cycling facilities along the main CBC corridor.
  • Improved Island Bus-stops along the scheme
  • The conversion of the Spawell roundabout to a junction and, on the R137, the locating of the footpath to the back of the stone arch and the cycle track to the front of it.
  • The introduction of cycle facilities on Terenure Road North and Harold’s Cross Road

We will request a number of modifications to the scheme, including:

  1. Minimum Cycle Track Width: A minimum cycle track width of 2m as specified in the National Cycle Manual (the cycle tracks on these roads are less than 2m Rathfarnham Road, Rathgar Road, Camden Street Lower)
  2. Cycle Track Continuity - A cycle route is only as good as its weakest link. The plans show gaps in cycle tracks on Rathfarnham Road and Templeogue Road in order to provide short sections of bus lane. We suggest the scheme would be improved by providing a continuous cycle track (which prioritises safety) over providing short sections of bus lane (which merely improves journey times).
  3. Filtered Permeability: we would propose that throughout the scheme, such as the areas (but not limited to); Rathdown, Wasdale Road, Greenmount Road and Fortfield Road filtered permeability be utilised rather than relying on signage and enforcement. This engineering solution will negate the possibility of ‘rat-running’, will improve traffic calming in the area as well as improving the environs for residents.
  4. Quiet Streets: To ensure the concept of a ‘Quiet Street’ is deployed and successful we propose that engineering designs are utilised to reduce the width and speed of the carriageway to make it a safe and comfortable route for cyclists as well as denoting that cyclists should have priority.
  5. Speed Limit Enforcement: We warmly welcome the further roll-out of 30 km/hr speed limit within this scheme. However, we have concerns about the requirement for enforcement and for this reason will request that driver behaviour with respect to speed limits is cultivated through engineering design.


Tuesday, 16 May 2023 - 8:15am

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