BusConnects network redesign is good but cycle infrastructure needed

We want all cyclists to complete NTA’s current BusConnects network redesign survey about what buses run on what streets. This present Phase 1 of the Bus Connects consultation process concentrates solely on bus routing. The 2nd phase will deal with the meat of the infrastructure details once the routing design has been agreed.

Dublin Cycling Campaign welcomes the proposed bus network redesign and encourage it’s implementation with detailed consideration of the needs of cyclists. Safe and segregated cycling infrastructure is promised as part of the rollout of Bus Connects. However, we have concerns. Many roads across Dublin will see large increases in the number of buses but at present there isn’t an appropriate level safe cycle infrastructure to ensure the safety of people on bikes.

Why Dublin Cycling Campaign supports proposed network redesign

Dublin’s existing bus network has many issues. It isn’t useful for enough people. There are almost no bus routes which don’t go to the city centre making it hard to get around other parts of the city and wider county. Frequency on many routes is so low that it’s not worth waiting for the bus. The current network is so complex that most of us have difficulty remembering it.

Reasons to support:

  • It is clear Chapter 8 of the BusConnects report that the proposed network will be more useful to more people in Dublin. This will encourage more people to use public transport instead of the private car. This will increase safety for cyclists.
  • The proposed network supports the College Green Plaza, which will be a great addition to Dublin City Centre, and a great public space
  • Fewer bus routes will finish in the city centre. We can reallocate the space from on-street bus parking to larger footpaths or cycle lanes
  • Buses will no longer run on some streets, providing cyclists with quiet alternative routes

The current proposal is more good than bad. The overall principles of the network redesign are good for Dublin and for cyclists.

More buses on roads with poor cycling infrastructure

The proposed network redesign is not without its risks for cyclists. There are some streets that will see buses running down them for the first time. There are also many streets that will see a large increase in the number of buses passing through. This increases risks for people on bikes.

Dublin Cycling Campaign analysed all of the roads in Dublin to identify which roads see large increases in buses. We also examined what is the existing cycling infrastructure on all of these roads. In many cases the cycling infrastructure was poor or didn’t exist. (Shocking right?) Many of these roads are also part of the NTA’s Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan, which will (eventually) upgrade the cycling infrastructure.

A few examples:

  • Cuffe Street ​will change from zero to 24 buses per hour at peak. There are only poor advisory cycle lanes here
  • Walkinstown Avenue​ will increase from 3 to 12 buses per hour. There’s no cycling infrastructure
  • Taney Road​ goes from zero to 8 buses per hour. There’s no cycling infrastructure
  • Mount Anville​ will go from zero to 4 buses per hour. There’s no cycling infrastructure
  • Ballyogan Road​ will go from zero to 6 buses per hour. There’s no cycling infrastructure
  • Collins Avenue​ will go from 1 to 10 buses per hour outside DCU. In places there is good cycling infrastructure but in other places there is none

You can find a full list of affected roads in our full submission. Many of these roads are outside the NTA’s planned infrastructure upgrade as part of the Core Bus Corridor Project. The NTA need to work closely with the four Dublin councils and the Dublin Cycling Campaign to improve cycling conditions on these affected roads before implementing this proposed bus network. The vast majority of these roads are part of the NTA’s Cycle Network Plan. The NTA need to accelerate the upgrade of these roads. Otherwise the NTA will be putting people on bikes at unnecessary risk.

We need your help

If no one voices their support for the proposed network then it might never happen. If not enough people mention how cyclists will be affected then cyclists could be ignored, similar to Luas Cross City.

We need you to complete the BusConnects network redesign survey so your voice is heard. Feel free to copy or plagiarise our submission - see below. Deadline for submission is this Friday, 28th September.

  1. Go to the BusConnects Survey
  2. In the comments section mention how the NTA need to improve cycling infrastructure on roads which would see large increases in buses
  3. Submit your feedback to the NTA
  4. Spread the word to people who cycle and friends

Upcoming Infrastructure Improvements

The NTA will be releasing plans for their Core Bus Corridor Project later in the year. This will include designs for segregated cycle lanes on almost all of the key cycle routes into the city centre. This project has huge potential and risks for cyclists. We are preparing. Keep an eye out for on how you can help ensure that BusConnects delivers for all of the cyclists in Dublin.

There is a full copy of our submission below.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2018 (All day)

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