March 2023 public meeting: learning and sharing active transport knowledge and expertise

Playback: public meeting about learning and sharing active transport knowledge and expertise

Listen back to our hybrid public meeting, held on 30 March 2023 and chaired by Úna Morrison. We heard about pathways for learning and sharing active transport knowledge and expertise. The speakers were:

Cian Ginty, Cycling Study Tours / Irish Cycle / Cycling For All

Robin van der Griend, Sustainable Mobility Consultant, Mobycon Academy

David O Connor, Head of Environment and Planning, TU Dublin

‘No one is born knowing how best to plan and design public realm projects focused on improving the experience for people walking and cycling.

International practice for how best to consult, design and create more inclusive, healthy, and thriving urban neighbourhoods is constantly evolving. Cities all around the world are all looking to solve similar problems regarding carbon emissions, air and noise pollution, traffic congestion, public health, accessibility, and inclusive mobility. Many cities have learned lessons which we could build upon. Yet sometimes, what works in one city, might not always make sense to copy and paste to other locations with different legislation, legacies and cultures. Local situations sometimes require unique solutions, but ones that can more easily be arrived at with knowledge of what’s been trialed elsewhere.

It will be of particular interest to professionals working in engineering, architecture and planning who want to find pathways to learning and understanding more about planning and delivering active travel infrastructure. The talks will also be of considerable interest to people advocating for safer cycling, who would like to find out how they can learn enough to be able to more effectively contribute to submissions on public consultations for cycle routes.’

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