Standing on the line with I BIKE Dublin

Monday, 12 February 2018 (All day)
8pm, Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

Vehicles that illegally block cycle lanes force cyclists into threatening and unsafe situations with car-traffic. I BIKE Dublin has been raising awareness about this issue since last summer by protecting mandatory cycle lanes from drivers who decide that they want to illegally drive or park on them. The group achieves this by lining up along the outside edge of a mandatory cycle lane, thus preventing vehicles from entering the bike-lanes. This ensures the lanes are kept free for people on bikes. The group engages in these actions at various locations around the city.

Come along to the February meeting and hear from members of the direct-action group about how they came together and try to use creative direct-action initiatives to apply pressure on decision makers. All ideas and questions are welcome to make this an engaging session!

Monthly Meeting

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