What's the point of kissing gates?

Kissing gates are the bane of a cyclists journey. They are almost everywhere around the county of Fingal. They prevent people from making the positive choice of active travel and if a journey is littered with many kissing gates I’m sure there are plenty of people who cycle will say. “I’ll drive it’s just easier”, especially if it is going to rain! The photos attached show kissing gates in Ongar Park in Dublin 15 and access to Broadmeadow linear park close to Swords and Newbridge Demense. In the photos you can see anyone cycling uses the muddy grass as the desire lines run along to the side the gates. It’s easier and quicker just to go around them. Why does the council insist on installing these gates regardless? Its a waste of time and resources and prevents people from making the decision to cycle in their local areas, especially when there is a fence that is blocking anyone from going around the kissing gates. In the one photo that the gates have intact fencing there are kilometers of hedging surround the park with breaks and paths broken into the park and the point of the kissing gates is lost.

At a recent meeting Cllr J Humphreys requested the removal of kissing gates to Broadmeadow linear park as people can access the park from many different locations across hedging and natural paths or ” desire lines”. The council responded by saying they will adjust the widths of the kissing gates. This does not solve the problem of people using non standard bicycles such as tricycle or cargo bikes.

See motion attached


Thursday 11th February 2021


Removal of Kissing Gates

Question: Councillor J. Humphreys

“To ask the Chief Executive if the kissing gates are necessary for Broadmeadow Linear Park, considering the unimpeded access via Jugback Terrace. Will the Council remove them to allow easier access for wheelchair user and parents with prams?”

Reply: The kissing gates in the Broadmeadow Linear Park will be adjusted this year to allow for access for wheelchair users and prams. .

Saturday, 13 February 2021 - 2:30pm

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