Taylor's lane in Rathfarnham- Much improved design due our submission to An Bord Pleanála

South Dublin sub-group of Dublin Cycling Campaign made a submission to the planning application of a major apartment complex containing 496 apartments and 1144 bicycle parking in Taylors lane, Rathfarnham. The submission highlighted bicycle infrastructure just outside the development and bicycle parking inside and outside the development as part of this Strategic housing development (SHD). An Borad Pleanála agreed with most of our points and has requested the developer should implement new drawings and are agreed before construction can start.


Improved layout of Edmonstown Road

Advanced stacking locations (ASLs are red coloured areas at signalised junctions ahead of stopped vehicular traffic. They permit higher volumes of cyclists to stop and wait in a forward position. They facilitate cyclists moving off before other traffic.)**

Additional covered cycle parking

Separate bicycle access to basement

Touscan crossing on Taylors lane

Adequate cycle route through the site between Scholarstown Road junction and the Toucan crossing on Taylor’s Lane

An Bord Pleanála inspectors report in more detail From pages 91-92 of report: attached below The developer shall comply with all requirements of the planning authority in relation to roads, access, cycling infrastructure and parking arrangements. In particular: (a) Final layout of works to the Edmondstown Road shall be agreed in advance with the Planning Authority and shall conform to the requirements of the National Cycle Manual regarding cycle lanes. Advanced Stacking Locations (ASLs) shall be provided for at the signalised junction with Scholarstown Road. (b) Final Layout of cycle infrastructure within the site and on Taylor’s Lane shall be agreed with the Planning Authority in advance of commencement of works, and shall include: (i) Additional covered cycle storage at ground level; (ii) Separate bicycle accesses to basement level; (iii) A toucan crossing on Taylor’s Lane, opposite the proposed easternmost access to the site; (iv) Adequate cycle route through the site between Scholarstown Road junction and the Toucan crossing on Taylor’s Lane, and adequate space/layout for cyclists to use the access alongside pedestrians. (c) The existing 3 arm junction at Scholarstown Road Edmondstown Road shall be upgraded to a 4-arm signalised junction to allow for the main vehicular access to the development. These junction modifications to be in accordance with the drawings submitted with the application, except as required by this and other conditions. (d) An emergency only vehicular access shall be provided onto Taylors Lane between Block A and Block C. This access shall be open to pedestrians when not in use as a vehicular access. (e) A total of 372 no. vehicle parking spaces shall be provided at the development of 496 units. This equates to a residential parking ratio of 0.7 spaces per unit. These car parking spaces shall include a total of 5 no. car share spaces and 22 no. mobility impaired spaces. (f) There shall be 1144 no. bicycle spaces provided within the development. (g) SDCC reserve the right to request the applicant to install additional traffic calming at the applicant’s expense at locations to be agreed ABP-307222-20 Inspector’s Report Page 92 of 103 (h) The applicant shall undertake a route audit and, subject to the written agreement of the Planning Authority prior to commencement of development, implement a review program to ensure appropriate infrastructure is provided / upgraded to meet cycling requirements to key off-site locations. In their written agreement, the applicant and South Dublin County Council shall agree a schedule of works, and the share of the costs of those works. (i) A Mobility Management Plan is to be completed within six months of opening of the proposed development. The Mobility Management Plan shall be agreed with the Planning Authority. Reason: In the interests of traffic, cyclist and pedestrian safety and to protect residential amenity

The Echo.ie recently covered this planning application: https://www.echo.ie/show/article/fast-track-plan-for-496-apartments-in-b… Dublin Gazette https://dublingazette.com/news/ballyboden-shd-48393/

An Bord Pleanála case reference http://www.pleanala.ie/casenum/307222.htm

Thursday, 24 September 2020 - 8:30am

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