Submission on Wellington Lane

The Dublin Cycling Campaign South Dublin Group has made a submission on the Wellington Lane Walking and Cycling Scheme. We encourage all cyclists to make a personal submission to support this important scheme.

These are the main points we made in our submission.

We broadly welcome the thrust and design of these proposals for the Wellington Lane/Orwell/Whitehall Road area, following on from the non-statutory consultation and the temporary scheme put in place last year. In particular we welcome how Segregation, Buffer Space, Tree Planting, Design Consistency have been addressed. 

We welcome the design solutions encompassing two way cycle tracks on certain parts of the scheme, and the rationale for their inclusion.

We are delighted to see the general consistency of provision of raised crossings at all side road junctions, to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists and to slow general traffic. 

We particularly welcome the two-way 4m wide cycleway on the west side of Wellington Lane, which provides ample space for safe and protected cycling, and will undoubtedly attract new people to cycling in the area.

We seek clarity on a number of issues raised above, particularly in relation to:

Sub-standard cycle track provision in some areas, in particular Whitehall Road 

  • Areas of proposed shared space  
  • The Domville Road Roundabout design
  • New proposed bus stop arrangement
  • The Whitehall Road transition zone
  • Orwell Roundabout two way option clarity

See attached document for full details of our submission.

Friday, 28 October 2022 - 1:00pm

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