MetroLink to close Royal Canal Greenway for up to 6 years of construction

MetroLink is a proposed metro project for Dublin. The route is mostly underground from Swords in north Dublin through the airport to the city centre. It will reduce the amount of traffic in Dublin making it a safer place to cycle.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) are currently looking for feedback. Dublin Cycling Campaign has identified some major areas of concern. TII are the same government body who designed and built the Luas Cross City. We need as many people as possible to raise these concerns with TII. Otherwise we risk a repeat of Luas Cross City.

All of the issues we raise below have solutions, which we are proposing. We want to see MetroLink built. But we need to have these issues resolved too.

The Glasnevin MetroLink station is beside the Royal Canal Greenway. Transport Infrastructure Ireland are proposing to close the Royal Canal Greenway for up to 6 years during construction. This is a key cycling artery for the city. TII must not close the greenway without a suitable alternative, which we’re proposing. TII have hinted to us that they will do that but we need everyone to make a submission on this topic to show how important it is.

The construction of each metro station will require hundreds of large trucks. Large construction vehicles are a leading cause of serious injury and death to cyclists in Dublin. Transport Infrastructure Ireland must set high safety standards for their construction vehicles. CrossRail in London, an underground railway project, set high safety standards for its construction vehicles. They do not allow vehicles with large blind spots or without safety sensors onto construction sites.

We are concerned about the levels of bike parking at each MetroLink station. The MetroLink documents say that bike parking will be provided “where feasible”. People will not be able to cycle to the metro without good quality bike parking. High-quality, covered and secure bike parking must be provided at all public transport stations. It is required by both national and local policy.

The MetroLink is above ground near Northwood and Swords in north Dublin. It will be impossible for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the track without a bridge or underpass. In many places there are cycle friendly bridges over the tracks. In some places they are missing. If they are not built now then they never will be.

For example, the MetroLink tracks will also cut across the planned greenway route along the Broad Meadow River (Route FG2). We also cannot find a way for pedestrians or cyclists to get from Swords to the Estuary MetroLink station. This is because of a missing underpass for pedestrians and cyclists.

MetroLink will cross the M50 on a new bridge. Fingal County Council want to include walking and cycling as part of this new bridge over the M50. This will reconnect communities in Ballymun and Northwood with the playing pitches north of the M50. It is vital that TII include walking and cycling as part of this new bridge over the M50.

Key points to include in your feedback to TII:

  • MetroLink must not close the Royal Canal Greenway without alternative arrangements
  • Transport Infrastructure Ireland must set high safety standards for all construction vehicles. This will protect vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists
  • Large quantities of high-quality, covered and secure bike parking is required at all stations
  • The new metro bridge over the M50 must include walking and cycling
  • It must be easy for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the line north of Swords


Now that you have given feedback to TII please:

  • Spread the word to other cyclists
  • Spread the word to people you know who use the Royal Canal Greenway
  • Please raise these issues with your local elected representatives or local candidates

MetroLink will be a repeat of Luas Cross City and ignore cyclists unless you provide feedback now.

We have attached our full submission to Transport Infrastructure Ireland below.


Tuesday, 7 May 2019 (All day)

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