Lucan Canal Loop Submission

The South Dublin Branch of the Dublin Cycling Campaign has made a submission the Lucan Canal Loop proposals.

We would encourage all cyclists to make a submission by the deadline of 19 April 2021.

Below is a summary of the main points in our submission. The full submission is attached.

In general we broadly welcome the proposed scheme but we have reservations about some aspects and some improvements to suggest. As much of the route is close to residential areas and several schools, it will provide an alternative route to encourage people to switch from driving to cycling, and will enable schoolchildren to cycle to school, thus helping to relieve the chronic traffic congestion in the Lucan area. The route will also encourage recreational cycling and will encourage people to visit Lucan Village.

We are disappointed that it is not proposed to segregate bicycle and pedestrian traffic on the route through Griffeen Park. The use of shared space will provide a substandard experience for both pedestrians and cyclists and will give rise to conflict between cyclists and pedestrians.

We note that consideration is being given to the design of the gates and barriers along the route. Any barriers should allow all types of cycles, especially mobility cycles, to access the route without difficulty. Likewise the route should be fully accessible to wheelchair users and childrens’ buggies.

The design shows the route crossing the Griffeen close to Arthur Park. We recommend that the crossing of the Griffeen river should be somewhat earlier, somewhere near Johnsbridge.

We are disappointed that some sections of the route will be on-road and that cyclists will be obliged to share roadspace with motor vehicles. Some of the residential roads proposed are quite busy and have many cars parked. This aspect will prevent the use of the route by young children and inexperienced cyclists.

For security reasons the proposed ramp should be close to the existing footpath on Lucan Road. It should be well-lit to ensure that everybody, especially women, can feel safe using it after dark.
We recommend that the number of trees to be removed be kept to the absolute minimum and that consideration be given to planting some replacement trees in a nearby area.

We are disappointed that the proposed route does not visit Lucan Village. This is a serious defect in the plans.

We support the proposals for a new cycle and pedestrian bridge and believe that an iconic design that would enhance the view of the existing bridge.

Bike parking and public toilets should be provided at several points along the route and in Lucan Village.

Saturday, 17 April 2021 - 9:15am

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