Loxi's Bike Stolen on Stephen Street Lower

Last month Dublin Cycling Campaign was lucky enough to have Loxi Land amongst the speakers for our special session on how different people get around Dublin by bike or trike. Loxi is the well-known Dubliner whose doggie, Zai, perches himself upon Loxi’s shoulders as he makes his way around town. You can watch the full session on playback here, which includes the interview with Loxi.

This week Loxi was not so lucky when his gorgeous black and white Pinarello racing bike (pictured) was stolen while parked on Stephen’s Street, with Loxi very close by. This happened on Tuesday of this week, 26th of October, at exactly 9.19pm.

Loxi then borrowed a very fine bike - an On One with electric conversion - to get himself and Zai mobile again, and the day after the robbery (i.e. on Wed 27th Oct) at around 6pm, he went into one of the businesses on the street where his bike was stolen to enquire if there was CCTV. When he came out, the bike he was using had been completely destroyed through someone attempting to steal it - see the photo (via Loxi’s Instagram account linked to below) of the silver bike with the frame horribly mashed .

It appears that whoever did this also attempted to steal other bikes at the same bike parking facility given the trail of destruction (and a broken bike lock) left behind. The bike that was loaned to Loxi had immense sentimental value for its owner as he had travelled the world on it and much more.

Loxi is understandably gutted by the two incidents - and Dublin Cycling Campaign is appalled to hear this. The broader point, of course, is that there really does appear to be a chronic bike theft problem on that street and adjacent streets too.

Unfortunately Zai and Loxi won’t be on the streets of Dublin for the foreseeable future bringing smiles to people’s faces - he needs to sort himself out with two bikes, one of which is safe and comfortable for bringing Zai and himself about.

For more on Loxi and Zai, check out this recent Irish Independent article or check out his social media on @zai_dog - and do please keep your eyes open for his Pinarello bike.

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Friday, 29 October 2021 - 7:15pm

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