Keeping Your Bike Secure

Bike theft is a big problem in Dublin! We’ve put together a few suggestions and tips that will help keep your bike secure.

Media Appearances 2023

On this page we will document some of our main media appearances in 2023 (but by no means exhaustive).

Playback: Cycling? Ask Us Anything!

Watch our online public meeting, recorded on Monday 13th July 2020.

Cycling? Ask Us Anything!

With so many people discovering (and rediscovering) cycling in recent months, we’re dedicating our July public meeting to passing on our best tips and advice for cycling in Dublin.

Tips for Avoiding Bike Theft

Bike theft is unfortunately a common occurrence here in Dublin, but there are a number of steps that you can take to avoid having your bike stolen.

Dublin Supermarket Bike Parking Survey

We know that many of you are living your lives more locally these days and probably using local supermarkets more often than usual.

We got our stolen bike back!

On Wednesday 25th March Elizabeth Gormley’s family bicycle, a distinctive three-person tandem, was stolen from outside her Dublin home.

Members Bicycle Insurance offer from Bikmo

We’re pleased to offer Dublin Cycling Campaign and members exclusive discounted rates on award winning insurance for your bikes and kit, from Bikmo

Bike Theft Group - Latest News - It's all about the 4 Es!

David Timoney, head of Dublin Cycling Campaign’s research group on tackling bike theft, gives an update on progress.

Spend money on a bicycle lock or pay the price

Spend money on a bike lock cyclists or pay the price - Bike Theft Working Group.

How do we prevent bicycle thefts – measures in Denmark vs. the Netherlands

Bicycle thefts are a great nuisance for cyclists but what can be done to stop them? We have taken a look at the two most prominent bicycle nations: the Netherlands and Denmark.

Bike Theft Survey Results

The images above give a summary of the results of the Bike Theft survey we conducted in December 2014.

Prize-winners in Campaign's Bike Theft Survey!

Congratulations to all of the prize-winners at the packed Dublin Cycling Campaign lecture on ‘Tackling Bike Theft’ on Monday last.

One in Six Give up Cycling in Dublin as a Result of Bike Theft, Finds Survey of 1,500 People

A survey by Dublin Cycling Campaign shows that one in 6 people who have had a bicycle stolen do not return to cycling, and a further 26% reduce their cycling habits as a result of theft.

Here today - gone tomorrow! The latest research on bike theft in Dublin

Do you worry every time you lock your bike that it won’t be there when you get back? If so come along to our February public meeting to hear the results of our bike theft survey.

Pictures of Stolen Bikes Recovered by Gardai

If you’ve had a bike stolen check this Garda Flickr account where they put pictures of the bike they have recovered and cannot match to an owner.

Letter to Minister Donohoe regarding Bike Theft

The campaign sent the following letter to Minister Donohoe seeking a meeting to discuss bicycle theft. Dear Minister Donohoe

Call for co-ordinated plan to combat soaring bike theft

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 5 November 2014, Dublin, Ireland

Avoid The Thief: Launch of Bike Theft Campaign

The cycling campaign has launched a campaign to tackle the growing problem of bicycle theft, which has doubled in Dublin since the introduction of the Bike to Work scheme in 2009.

Don't let this happen to your bike!

It takes less that 5 seconds to steal a bike with a poor quality lock as shown by this video taken on Parnell Square on the 14th April.

Monthly Meeting and Public Talk on Bike Theft in Dublin

Bike Theft in Dublin: Running at four times the official recorded rate………. and rising.