Help Needed to Improve Bike Parking at Supermarkets

The Shop By Bike survey, conducted by Dublin Cycling Campaign over the May-June 2020 period, found that 35% of supermarkets had no cycle parking at all, while only 25% of survey respondents rated the cycle parking at supermarkets as ‘Good’. The survey also found that 71% of people would cycle to the supermarket more often if better cycle parking was provided. The quality of bike parking available, the safety of cycle routes to and from shops, and the quantity of groceries being purchased were the top three considerations when deciding whether to shop by bike. Other factors which would enable more people to shop by bike included providing more space for larger/cargo bikes, locating bike parking closer to shop entrances, and providing shelters to protect parked bikes from the rain. Following the survey, Dublin Cycling Campaign produced a short bike parking guide for supermarkets which can be used for both new builds and retrofitting. See PDF attached below.

The key factors to consider when providing good bike parking are:

  1. Type of rack used (Sheffield hoops, never wheel racks).
  2. Location & accessibility.
  3. Proximity to entrance.
  4. Cycle spaces for larger bikes.
  5. Car-park access.
  6. Signage.

We’d encourage anyone to approach their local supermarket, armed with this guide, requesting improved bike parking.

For more information or advice, please contact Dublin Cycling Campaign (

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