FreeTheCycleLanes letter to AGS Traffic Corps

We wrote a letter requesting that An Garda Siochana traffic corps assist in keeping Dublin moving.

It is of high importance that cycling is given the right space to encourage people of all ages to cycle. As many people are aware, cycle lanes in Dublin are frequently blocked by inconsiderate parking which creates a needlessly frightful environment to cycle in.

Most cycle lanes that have been built to date have not offered any protection from parking and in itself is an issue to be addressed. Cycle lanes are supposed to be constructed to offer an attractive and safe place to cycle.

Cycling is an important part of our cities and towns as it not only helps promote a healthier citizen and better environment, it eases the traffic congestion created by a dependance on motor vehicles.

It’s therefore a must that we request An Garda Siochana to assist with keeping Dublin moving, by curtailing inappropriate parking in our cycle lanes.

In the meantime, we will continue to work with the various Dublin councils for a better cycling environment.

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Open Letter

Thursday, 12 November 2015 (All day)

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