Fine Gael/Independent alliance likely to lose Dáil vote on motion regarding enhanced investment in everyday cycling

Press Release for immediate use - 16 January 2019

Fine Gael/Independent alliance likely to lose Dáil vote on motion regarding enhanced investment in everyday cycling Robert Troy TD to bring motion calling for greater investment in cycling

On Thursday 17th January at 12.47pm the Dáil will vote on greater investment in cycling. The motion was debated in the Dáil on Wednesday 19th December calling for recognition of the positive contribution that cycling makes to Irish society and the need to urgently increase investment in cycling. Over 50 cycling campaigners watched the proceedings from the gallery.

The motion is being brought by Fianna Fáil Transport Spokesperson Robert Troy TD.

All major opposition parties have said they will support the motion. Fianna Fáil, Sinn Fein, Labour, Green party, People before profit, Social democrats and some independents.

If the motion passes it will not be legally binding but sends a clear message to Minister Shane Ross that he is not investing in cycling. The United nations recommends 20% of the total transport budgets be spent on cycling and walking.

The full text of Robert Troy’s motion can be seen below: That Dáil Éireann: recognises:

— the rapidly growing popularity of cycling as a means of transport, particularly in Ireland’s urban and suburban areas, as evidenced by recent Census figures and the popularity of schemes such as the dublinbikes public bicycle rental scheme;

— the considerable health benefits that regular physical activity, such as cycling, brings to citizens and the need to promote such activity;

— the high level of economic returns and value for money that cycling projects give;

— that chronic congestion is grinding our cities and road arteries to a halt, making it more difficult and more unpleasant for people to get to work;

— that cycling is a zero-carbon mode of transport and one which can help to reduce Ireland’s carbon emissions, as per our commitments at European Union and international level;

— that Ireland lags behind our European peers in the provision of safe cycling infrastructure, such as dedicated cycle lanes, secure bike storage facilities and cyclist-friendly traffic lights; and

— that the largest cycling conference in the world is due to take place in Dublin in June 2019, and that Ireland needs to show progress on the development of cycling infrastructure;


— the considerable safety risks that cyclists face on Irish roads, owing to our poorly developed cycling infrastructure;

— the current low funding allocations for cycling at only approximately two per cent of the overall land transport capital budget; and

— the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport’s failure to bring forward legislation requiring drivers to maintain a minimum distance when passing cyclists; and

calls on the Government to:

— prioritise the rollout of dedicated cycle tracks, that are physically segregated from other road users, across the country;

— place cycling infrastructure at the heart of transport infrastructure planning by appointing a dedicated cycling officer to every local authority at an appropriate level of seniority, and by establishing a dedicated cycling division within the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport to coordinate activity and projects across all departments;

— introduce cycle friendly legislative initiatives, similar to those of our European neighbours to promote the growth of cycling, including contra-flow cycling, left turn at red lights and joint use of pedestrian crossings;

— build on the successes of bike sharing schemes by expanding these schemes to major suburbs of towns and cities;

— revise the Bike to Work scheme to allow commuters to purchase a new bike every three years instead of every five years, and to extend this scheme to pensioners and unemployed people;

— introduce immediate supplementary funding to local authorities to support the rollout of ‘quick win’ projects supporting safe cycling and walking routes in the short term; and

— prioritise two cycling projects to be delivered in advance of Velo-City 2019…

Thursday, 17 January 2019 (All day)

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