Feedback on the Review of Dublin's Transport Strategy

The National Transport Authority are looking for feedback as part of the review of the Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy. The strategy is a key document that outlines the transport priorities for the greater Dublin area. It includes key policy decisions and sets out the transport investment priorities for the next few decades. For example, the last strategy decided to invest public money in BusConnects, cycling infrastructure, MetroLink and widening motorways into Dublin.

Dublin Cycling Campaign has made a submission as part of this review. The full submission is attached to the end of this website post. Our submission touches on how the correct investments in transport can have a hugely positive impact on a number of challenges that face Dublin including climate change, public health, equality, and the economy.

There are a large number of ideas included in our submission to the NTA. Some of the highlights are:

  • Need to quickly invest in cycling infrastructure using trials and reallocating existing road space
  • 15 Minute Village Concept so that people can access necessary services within 15 minutes by foot, cycle or public transport
  • Safe routes to schools
  • Maintenance of existing infrastructure
  • Climate action: the strategy must lead to a reduction in transport-based carbon emissions in Dublin through significant modal shift to walking, cycling and public transport
  • Cycling for All: cycling can be for everyone regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, social class and physical ability if we plan and design for it
  • Other key areas including cycle parking, interchange between cycling and public transport, expansion of cycle share schemes like Dublin Bikes, and investment in public realm in our towns and villages

You can provide feedback to the National Transport Authority on what you think needs to be tackled in Dublin’s transport strategy:


Completing the survey only takes a few minutes. You can provide your own feedback or feel free to echo the ideas from Dublin Cycling Campaign. The deadline for feedback is Friday 22nd of January 2021. So don’t delay in giving feedback.


Friday, 22 January 2021 - 12:30am

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