DLR seeks feedback for cycle tracks and school zone on Churchtown Road Upper

DLR County Council has published details on proposed work to improve cycling provision on Churchtown Road Upper. A public consultation is open until March 11th. The Dublin Cycling Campaign welcomes the scheme, and we urge cyclists to make a submission to the consultation process.

Highlights of the scheme:

  • A school zone proposed outside De La Salle
  • Segregation of cycles/scooters/mobility scooters from general traffic narrowed general traffic lanes to calm traffic
  • Continuous footpaths at side streets

Suggested improvements include:

  • More bike parking near SuperValu and dropped kerbs to improve accessibility
  • Reduce speed limit to 30km/hr
  • Physical barriers to prevent footpath parking

Information about the project, and a link to submit feedback can be found here.

Your feedback can be short and sweet. The more positive feedback the council receives the more likely they are to build the new cycle lanes and school zone.

You can read a copy of our feedback below.


Wednesday, 23 February 2022 - 10:00pm

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