Complete Beach Road Survey for Strand Road Cycleway

Dublin City Council are looking for feedback on an updated section of the Strand Road quick-build cycle route in Sandymount. Dublin City Council are proposing to make Strand Road one-way for motor traffic in order to install a two-way cycle track along the coast and Rock Road from Irishtown to Booterstown DART station.

In the original plan, Beach Road was to remain two-way for motor traffic and a section of footpath was to be converted into the new cycle track. This was done to limit impact on bus routes. Dublin City Council are looking for feedback on new plans to make Beach Road one-way for motor traffic, provide a protected two-way cycle track on the road and maintain all existing footpaths.

Dublin Cycling Campaign is strongly in support of this new plan as it will provide a high-quality cycle route without negatively impacting pedestrians by removing footpath space. We have attached our full feedback to Dublin City Council below.

Please take just one minute to complete the Dublin City Council survey:

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 - 4:00am

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