Collins Avenue Extension Cycle Lanes

Dublin Cycling Campaign has provided feedback to Dublin City Council on their proposed cycle lane improvement on Collins Avenue Extension outside of DCU. The council is proposing to widen and protect the existing cycle lanes using a similar concrete kerb to Griffith Avenue extension (photo above). This will better protect people cycling from traffic and provide a more comfortable cycle route.

Our feedback includes:

  • Removing some on-street car parking and replacing other on street car parking with parking protected cycle lanes. This will prevent cars from driving across the cycle lane
  • Narrowing minor road junction to reduce pedestrian crossing distance and slow turning vehicles. This reduces the likelihood that a left-turning car will attempt to cut off someone in the cycle lane.
  • Better protect the cycle lane outside St Aidan’s CBS, which is frequently blocked during morning and afternoon pick-up times
  • Remove a dedicated left-turn lane for cars into a residential street. This remove a “murder strip” cycle lane and better protect people cycling

You can find the full feedback in the full report attached below.


Friday, 9 July 2021 - 9:45pm

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