Barrack bridge-Cycling and walking upgrade urgently needed

At a recent Howth Malahide Area Committee (Services A - Operational Matters and Water Services) Councillor E. O’Brien put forward a motion regarding safety issues for cycling and walking along Barrack Bridge. The motion is discussed at 26 mins on the weblink here: Cllr O’Brien highlighted safety issues with many pedestrians such as school kids using the bridge and he also mentioned a number of near misses recently and issues of vehicles mounting the pavement. He also mentioned a woman was knocked down recently. The report back from the council stated that there a no plans to alter or change the layout of the bridge along the Old Yellow walls road.The council will install vehicle activated signage and hedge cutting close to the bridge. Cllr Hopkins supported the motion and also agreed with Cllr O’Brien about installing some kerb protection along the paths to protect pedestrians. Cllr Healy also agreed that the priority should be safety and that should be the message coming from all Cllrs on the committee. A local cycling blogger had mentioned the issues around this bridge way back in 2006 and the kids in the photos are adults now. The management in the council suggested that bollards were not a possibility at this time. A one way system was also suggested by Cllr O’Brien and aware this may cause some congestion but would make it a lot safer.…

Motion submitted: Councillor E. O’Brien - Safety issues Barrack Bridge, Malahide -AI055698

“That the Chief Executive report on safety issues concerning Barrack Bridge, Malahide, specifically around pedestrians and vulnerable road users and how this area can be made safer, possibly by the introduction of a shuttle light system or a one-way system either of which would allow for an extension of the footpath and / or segregated cycling infrastructure at this location.”

Thursday, 14 January 2021 - 4:30pm

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