2023 - Big Birthdays for Cycling Campaigns

2023 is a big year for cycling campaigning. Cyclist.ie will mark its 15th birthday, Dublin Cycling Campaign its 30th birthday, while the European Cyclists’ Federation will have 40 candles on its campaigning cake.

It will be an especially significant year for DCC and Cyclist.ie as we completely rework our governance structures and become a much stronger campaigning force.

Related to this is the development of a new and sustainable funding model for cycling advocacy. Our ambition is to move to having several staff members supporting many multiples of our current supporters, members and active volunteers. We also aim to build much stronger partnerships with allied groups.

We have already succeeded in bringing several high profile companies on board to support us through our Business Membership Schemes (such as Dropbox and Lime), and have secured funding from bodies such as Rethink Ireland, the Irish Research Council and, most recently, the European Commission (see below for links).

We are now asking you, our members and supporters, to take a simple action.

If you are working for a company that might have a Corporate Social Responsibility scheme - i.e. a way in which a business integrates its social and environmental responsibilities into its operations - we would love to hear from you.

Securing the support of companies for our cycling advocacy work will help to accelerate the transformation of our towns and cities into bicycle friendly places for all. And better cycling provision means more employees cycling, and all the research shows that means healthier and more productive employees.

Please contact our National Cycling Coordinator, Dr. Damien Ó Tuama, if you can suggest names / departments within your company that we should contact.

Many thanks.

From the Board, the Executive Committee of Dublin Cycling Campaign and the Executive Committee of Cyclist.ie.

Details of our Business Membership Schemes:

Examples of Current Supporters:

Examples of Recent Fundraising Successes and Partnerships:

European Cyclists’ Federation Founding Agreement from 1983:

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