We surveyed our members and Facebook friends to find the 10 worst junctions/streets in Dublin. These were presented to the Dublin City Council Cycle Forum in January 2011. The 10 worst junctions are listed below. See the attached document for further details and photos.

South City Centre

Talbot Memorial Bridge

  1. Heading left on to city quay, you’re directed off road on the corner, conflict with peds and lose priority when joining the road after the corner
  2. Heading straight or heading right, the time delay on the toucan crossing can take ages even when there’s light traffic.

North city centre

The Customs House area

The junction of Memorial Rd, Amiens St and Custom House Quay. Coming from the Northside there are numerous lane-changes involved if you’re going straight or right onto George’s Quay.
The junction at Store Street / Beresford Place / Amiens Street / Memorial Road – far too much going on, traffic going all directions at speed. But also at other locations, like: Amiens Street leading to Mayor Street – cycle lane ends in a place where’s there no room rather than long before it.
Coming from Abbey Street, Gardiner Street or Butt Bridge, numerous lane changes in moving traffic required, depending on desired route.

North King Street

The cycle lane going out of town passes Smithfield and turns right (you have to cycle across from the left to the right hand side of a fast moving one way street here) and then left onto North Brunswick Street - it then comes to a full stop at Blackhall Place/Stoneybatter/Arbour Hill junction - you lose the bike lane and even more - there is no traffic light to let you proceed and traffic is too busy to let you out - you have to get off your bike and walk up to the pedestrian crossing and wait some minutes for the light to change. No warning is given of the end of bike lane here.

South city centre

D’Olier Street on to College Street

Including junctions with Fleet Street / Townsend, and curve around to the junction with Pearse Street

The whole multi-lane one-way system around Trinity College/Pearse Street/D’Olier Street/Westmoreland Street is threatening.
Junction of Tara St. and Townsend St. If you come down Pearse St., follow onto Tara St., and want to turn right onto Townsend St., you have to cross 3 lanes of traffic. A bit awkward if you’d like to park your Dublin Bike at the Townsend St. bike station.

D’Olier Street heading south from O’Connell St: lanes disappear, no visible road markings, buses dive-bombing the left hand lanes (especially at rush-hour), no cycle lanes at all and traffic is forced to merge from 4 lanes to possibly - three? (it’s pretty hard to tell). Also zero options for bikes coming around college green: no cycle lanes anywhere!

St Stephens Green West

Cycle lane appears to be marked between York Street and Glovers Alley but then disappears. No access for cyclist through to Kildare Street

Kevin St/Bride St

Cycle lane too narrow Remove cycle lane.

North city outside canals

Doyle’s Corner in Phibsborough

Doyles Corner (Phibsborough RD / NCR) is atrocious, particularly when you’re approaching from the Cabra side. There is no cycling lane at all.

South city outside canals

Harolds Cross Bridge

Junction of Harolds Cross Road, Parnell Road and Grove Road. (Location of ghost-bike)

The right hand turn going from Harolds Cross Road onto Grove Road is very very tricky. While there are (just about) two ‘inbound’ traffic lanes here, the right-most lane is for both straight-ahead and right-turning traffic. As a cyclist, if waiting to turn right here, cars and trucks intending to drive straight-ahead become impatient waiting behind the cyclist and beep their horns and drive right up behind the cyclist - this is intimidating. It also feels worse because of the hump-backed bridge in that you cannot see oncoming vehicles very easily when waiting to turn right. As a result, many cyclists hop across onto the footpath (outside of the bicycle shop) and nip across at the pedestrian crossing to get onto the (eastbound) cycle lane. Why not make the right-most lane on Harolds Cross Road ‘right-turn only’? This junction needs to be redesigned.

Harolds Cross Bridge (heading North)

Going north & waiting to turn right is awful. Coming the other direction is dangerous -not enough room. You’re also up against a 1 metre thick solid stone wall on your left.

Surface is bad on all approaches to Harolds’ Cross Bridge, and too many drivers jump red lights.

Realign cycle lane. “Yield to Cyclists” sign required


Thursday, 24 June 2010 (All day)

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