Cyclists Set out their Demands ahead of GE 2016!

With the general election just around the corner, cyclists have set out their political demands!

Our vision is for everyday cycling to be normal part of life for all ages and abilities (the ‘8 to 80’ cohort as it is sometimes put) – very similar to the ways it is in many northern European countries. Remember also that #COP21 is a game changer – we need radical reductions in CO2 emissions from the Irish transport sector!

Spend money on a bicycle lock or pay the price

Spend money on a bike lock cyclists or pay the price - Bike Theft Working Group.

  • 4,950 bikes reported stolen in Dublin in 2014, up from 1,873 in 2008.

  • 66% of bikes stolen in Dublin are locked using easy-to-cut locks and chains.

Cyclists need to use better locks and lock their bikes when at home to avoid being victims of bike theft according to a Bike Theft Working Group that has been set up through Dublin City Council.

Fixed Charge Notices - Promotion by Gardaí & RSA

Today the above poster appeared on the Gardaí social media platforms. Such mixed messages and inaccuracies are not a good start to their promotion of Fixed Charge Notices which are due to be introduced from the end of next week. We have written to them outline the issues -

To : John Ferris (Garda Press Office)

Thanx once again for meeting us last week on the ‘On the Spot Fines’ issue. Much appreciated, and hopefully we can liaise regularly on issues such as this.


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